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数学学科现代分析及其应用研究所学术报告(Vicentiu Radulescu ,University of Craiova & Mathematics Institute of the Romanian Academy)

发布者:付慧娟   发布时间:2019-12-10  浏览次数:141

报告题目: Double-phase problems with variable exponent and combined growth

报 告 人:Vicentiu Radulescu University of Craiova & Mathematics Institute of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest

报告时间:2019年12月14日 10:00—11:00


Abstract. We study a class of nonuniformly elliptic problems with several variable exponents and Dirichlet boundary condition. A feature of this talk is that the associated energy is a double-phase functional with unbalanced growth. The nature of the problem allows the presence of a reaction with combined behavior. By using analytic, variational and topological methods, we establish sufficient conditions for the existence of solutions, including the case where the problem exhibits critical and supercritical growth. The analysis includes three different settings: radial, nonradial, and singular.


Vicentiu Radulescu博士是罗马尼亚 Craiova大学和罗马尼亚科学院教授,是国际著名非线性分析研究领域的专家,其导师是法国科学院院士H Brezis,V. Radulescu教授曾获罗马尼亚科学院Simion Stoilow 奖,他担任 Advances in Nonlinear Analysis 、 Nonlinear Analysis 、 Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications等多个高水平数学期刊的编委与主编,已在高水平数学刊物上发表论文300余篇论文。



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