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发布者:付慧娟   发布时间:2019-12-13  浏览次数:115

报告题目:The One-Cop-Moves Game on Graphs

报 告 人:杨波艇 教授(加拿大里贾纳大学计算机科学系)



摘要:We consider the one-cop-moves game played on a graph. In this game, a set of cops and a robber occupy the vertices of the graph and move alternately along the graph's edges with perfect information about each other's positions. The goal of the cops is to capture the robber. At cops' turns, exactly one cop is allowed to move from his location to an adjacent vertex; at robber's turns, she is allowed to move from her location to an adjacent vertex or to stay still. We want to find the minimum number of cops to capture the robber. This number is known as the cop number. In this talk, I will introduce this game and its variant; I will also present some new results on this game.



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