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发布者:付慧娟   发布时间:2020-07-14  浏览次数:73

报告题目:An Introduction to Dependence Control



报告地点:Tencent会议,会议ID:983 842 352


报告摘要:In the physical world, the system components or states are probabilistically related to each other spatially and temporally. This kind of relation is termed the stochastic dependence. In this talk, I present a dependence control theory, which is concerned with transforming the dependence structure of the stochastic processes in the system in order to improve the system performance. Specifically, I introduce the idea of controlling the stochastic dependence in a queueing system, study the influences of the stochastic dependence in the arrival process and service process on the queueing system performance, and discuss the application of the dependence control theory to the wireless channel.





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