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数学学科动力系统和非线性分析研究所(张伟年 四川大学)

发布者:付慧娟   发布时间:2020-10-15  浏览次数:10

报告题目:Dynamics of Iteration Operator

报告人:张伟年 四川大学数学学院 教授


报告地点:Tencent会议(会议号:256 884 628

摘要:The semi-dynamical system of a continuous self-map is generated by iteration of the map, however the iteration itself, being an operator on the space of continuous self-maps, may generate interesting dynamical behaviors. In this talk, we characterize its fixed points and periodic points in the case that the compact metric space is a compact interval and prove that all orbits of the iteration operator are bounded but most fixed points are not stable. On the other hand, we prove that the iteration operator is not chaotic. This is a joint work with Murugan Veerapazham and Chaitanya Gopalakrishna.



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