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Notice on Applying for Excellent International Students Scholarship in 2020-2021

    Eligible students: full-time students who are in the second year (including) or the second year (including) of the graduate students

    Fund: undergraduate RMB 18, 000 yuan per person, graduate students 30, 000 yuan per person.

    I. Application conditions申请要求


    Friendly attitude and outstanding performance in China.

      2) 遵纪守法,德智体美劳全面发展。

      Abiding by laws and disciplines, being physically and mentally healthy and developing in an all-round way.

      3) 学习成绩优异且有较强的科研能力。

      Having excellent academic records and strong learning and research abilities.

      4) 积极参加各类文体活动或社会实践,有突出事迹者优先。

      Actively participating in various cultural and sports activities or social practice activities; Outstanding deeds are preferred.

      5) 在同等条件下,优先考虑家庭经济条件困难的学生

      Under the same conditions, priority shall be given to those whose family economic conditions are difficult.

    II. Application Materials申请材料


      Transcript of 2019-2020 school year (academic system generated and stamped)


      Letter of recommendation issued by colleges and research institutes (signed and sealed by leaders) Including students in the 2019-2020 school year learning situation, scientific research results, and awards, participation in cultural and sports activities, social practice activities.


     My Story of Staying in China: No Limits The content should focus on the experiences, experiences and feelings of the referees during your study and life in China, so as to inspire more international students to work hard. The writing language is English or Chinese, at least 800 words.


      Proof of retrieval of the article, acceptance notice (other papers are not submitted as supporting materials) or participation in the publication of special certification materials.

      5) 国家、省、市级等各类竞赛获奖证书或专利证书。

      Certificate of award or patent certificate of all kinds of national, provincial and municipal competitions.

      6) 作为学生干部或社会组织服务的证明。

      Proof of service as a student cadre or social organization.

      7) 其他配套材料 Other supporting materials

 ?     符合要求的学生请在116日下午5点前提交电子表格和材料到邮箱:yhangda@zjnu.cn和纸质表格和证明材料叶老师办公室二楼连廊215

      Qualified students should submit both electronic and paper form to teacher Allie before 500p.m., November 6th(office 215,

      扫描填写电子申请表 Scan to fill Electronic Application 

       或点击链接   Or click the link 


      All form must be filled in Chinese both electronic and paper submission required. 




Student Affairs' Office
November 1st, 2020

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