creative commons uses

Here stands a list of those uses of my work that were published on jamendo or other sites. This is more like a fun perspective about how diverse places it surges in this era of digital freedom we're living in. These uses are independent of me in most of the cases, I'm not affiliated with these. Still of course I'm interested myself to know where and how my work finds different place of use.


Luis Lodos - Liquid Mirror - - Forest of Venom and Honor Godhead soundtrack
Luis Lodos - Expiring Sun - - Solitude Godhead soundtrack


journeyintopodcast 6th journey - link to blog with video - Continental Explorer from JClassicRPG soundtrack 2)


Ron Paul campaign 2012 video: (Atmosphere from the Godhead soundtrack.)
ROF: Death in the Rain: (Descent from Scourge soundtrack)
Tap: Max´s Game - Official teaser HD - (Intro from Scourge soundtrack)
Eden Eternal Magician PvE - (Struggle Theme (Combat) from JClassicRPG soundtrack 1)
2. YouTube User Congress - DowerLi + Videoamt - ("Tears of Victory - OUTRO" Scourge soundtrack)
Columbus ships (#2) - - JClassicRPG: A new Horizon (Leveling)
Die Legende des Kirim Var - Trailer -

If you happend to use my music or find some content with it, drop me a post on facebook or google plus. (Check about for those)