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"I was born in the 20th century, raised in Hungary, a beautiful European country in the heart of Europe, in Budapest, the capital city. Always immersed in music, let it be rock, metal, symphonic, electronic, game music, soundtracks. That's where my influences come from.

My mission in the musical world is to mirror a universe and give a visionary glimpse to a place where I myself and my children would want to live. A sanctuary place where the listener can immerse his imagination and turn towards an internal panorama where it's good to exist or to burst us to even better levels of the future. I'm much interested in social and moral questions.

I've started my musical career in 2008 composing mainly symphonic/orchestral music for games, and as a composer slowly started directing myself towards instrumental ambient and electronic music for everyday listening. Focusing on instrumental music, melody, moods and musical story building you should expect me to tell stories, strongly theme based and most of the time easy to adapt your imagination to and immerse.

After a longer period of orchestral composition from 2008 to 2011, I've started to refocus myself on music that let's you relax, boost yourself, travel with it, go on with work or to ease your everyday chores while you put it on the speakers. Since 2011 main focus is on producing those tracks. Especially focusing on incorporating New Age music elements into the weave of my pop-rock, chill and fusion tracks.

All through these times I've been experimenting with fusioning my favorite elements of music, that you hopefully might just as well like: electronic music, elements of rock, ethnical instrumentation, orchestral instrumentation and classical themes along with new age elements, just to get the musical stories work like magic and entertain. Please, follow and support if you like what you hear!"

Contact email: me at illespalzoltan.com or paul at telltalesound.com
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Business: http://www.telltalesound.com  - or you can write me to my email as well
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